About Memery Farms

Our small farm is a family-run labor of love in Barboursville, VA. All the growing is done on family land that has been in Will's family for over a century, so the roots are deep!

A mainstay of the greenhouse growing is Will's hydroponics growing system. Hydroponics is really just a fancy way of saying "grown in water." Where traditional gardens use soil to deliver nutrients to plants, hydroponics simply uses a different growing environment - water - to deliver those same nutrients to the plant's roots. The technique sounds kind of high-tech and new age, but the science of modern hydroponic growing is at least 80 years old. Tried and true!

And it is all about conservation of resources and sustainability. The word "hydroponics" might sound like it requires a lot of water, but it's quite the opposite. Because the hydroponics system is a closed, recirculating system, we are able to target all water directly to the plants without creating runoff or watering a larger-than-necessary area. As a result, we are able to grow a head of lettuce using less than 1 gallon of water when it would normally require 20 gallons in the soil. Besides the water savings, since hydroponics doesn't use soil, it doesn't involve many of the usual environmental impacts of farming, including soil erosion and runoff of nasty pesticides and toxic chemicals.

Thank you for visiting, we are growing for you so come again soon!

Our People

Like we said, it's all in the family!


Will Memery


Kira Memery


Watching her best friend grow all of the yummy things, numero uno fan, assistant extraordinaire! 

Sarah Memery

Consultant, dedicated lover of the plants, roots to the family land, mother of the grower. 

Two Wild Blondes

The Bea and the Violet.

Catchy pub name right? Dad's advisors, taste testers, dirt curators, joke tellers.